Guaranteed PDF Decrypter

PDF password removal utility

New 3.3 version
Installation on Mac OS

  • After downloading file, you see your file in the Downloads (file names may differ). Click on filename with .tar.gz extension:
  • The archive will be uncompressed, and you see new folder "GuaPDF". Click on it and enter the folder.
  • Click on "_runme". This script should launch GuaPDF.
  • If you see the error "_runme can't be open because it is from unidentified developer"...
  • ... then press Ctrl and click on "_runme" again. Next choose "Open":
  • You'll see the next warning. Click "Open"
  • Now GuaPDF starts and the file open dialog appears. Choose the needed PDF file:
  • The decrypted file you'll find in the same folder with .decrypted extension.
  • If you've got any question, please contact to

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